Q & A with Warwick


Name:  Warwick Fraser

Nom de Plume: Bam Bam !!
Instrument:  Drums
Currently residing:  Sydney
First band you were in: Uncle Mils

What have you been doing for the past twenty-odd years: Living a rich and varied life. Raising my son, being diagnosed with, and beating Cancer ! Never stopped playing music. Growing old disgracefully !
What band/s do you play in these days:  Playing with a rockin' little club band called Bandits
What gear do you use: I use a vintage  Ludwig drum kit (circa 65/66) My ride cymbal (Paiste)I have had since 1977 ! A variety of Sabian and Paiste cymbals complete the rest. Remo heads and Pearl snare and hardware.
What do you listen to nowadays:
Rock, Pop, Soul, Psychedelia, Glam & Motown, all recorded in the 60s & 70s. Plus a few contemporary artists.
Name your favourite Screaming Tribesmen tune - and tell us why:  Gee, it is hard to pick a fave Tribesmen song, I'll go with "Dreaming Of You" for reasons unknown !
Best memory of your time in the Tribesmen:  Had a pretty good time touring the States with the Tribesmen. Drank lots of Budweiser and the gig at Cat Club in New York was a gas !
Strangest touring moment:   Well, my strangest touring moment wasn't actually with the Tribesmen. It was when I played in Feather and decided one day that I would travel in the crew van somewhere in outback Australia. We hit a bump in the road and a loaded rifle on the floor next to me went off !! I guess that was pretty strange or just damn dangerous !!! That's road crews for ya !
Who did you usually room with and tell us something we don’t know about them:   I think I shared with Bob most of the time, and he is an absolute gentleman !
Addams Family or The Munsters:  Munsters (though I do have a soft spot for MaMa Adams !)
Ginger or Maryanne:  Ginger !
Song you never want to play again:  Sway (not The Stones song !)
Song you never tire of hearing:   Jumpin Jack Flash
Favourite book:  In Cold Blood
Favourite venue to play and why: Don't really have a fave venue, but ones that pay are good !
What Superhero/Antihero do you identify most with and why:
  Well, he's not really a superhero, but Dennis The Menace, just because he is so infuriating !!
Do you cook : If so what is your signature dish:  Yes, I cook. Chicken Tarragon is not too shabby.
What is number one thing to do on your bucket list:  Well, I have met and shaken hands with Charlie Watts, so I will die happy !!